The Best Brazilian Soccer Players

The Idols Of All Brazilians

Many excellent footballers played for the Brazilian national team, but you can find out who were the best on Futebol.

The most famous and most beloved football player of all Brazilians is the famous Pele. He is simply adored by the entire nation. They say he is the athlete of the century, which he is, because he scored over 1,000 goals for his country in numerous competitions around the world. The ease and precision of his game delighted not only the audience, but also the football players who played it for years.

Ronaldo is another one of the best Brazilian players who contributed to many victories in a large number of different tournaments in Europe, South and North America, as well as on the Asian continent.


Roberto always played a brilliant game on the field and assisted his teammates perfectly, so many goals were scored thanks to him.

Another one of the best players in Brazilian football was Rivinho. He was the best dribbler of all time and it was a real treat for people to watch him with the ball.

Carlos Alberto was an excellent player and perfectly managed both in attack and defense. He was also a great leader and led his teammates well through many games.

Zico took free kicks perfectly and was a very intelligent player who could foresee many situations and quickly react to any problem that appeared during the game.

There are still a large number of Brazilian players who have contributed a lot to Brazilian football, about which you can learn much more on Futebol. They are all idols for every Brazilian fan.