Learn All About Piriformis Syndrome

Strengthen Your Piriformis

Pyroformis syndrome can occur due to prolonged sitting, due to poor movement or due to weakness and atrophy of the pyroformis. This syndrome causes a sharp pain in the hip that spreads along the back of the upper leg. To get rid of this pain, see the perfect exercises on Piriformis strengthening.

The piroformis is a very small muscle located in the deep layer of the hip muscles. He participates in standing, walking and running. Therefore, if you sit for too long or have an irregular gait, you can cause atrophy of this muscle and in this way, you will have pyroformis syndrome.

To avoid this painful muscle condition, you need to strengthen it. This can be achieved with very effective exercises, which you can see at Piriformis strengthening.

Piriformis Strengthening

We tried to show you the best and most effective exercises that will help you strengthen the pyroformis. Each exercise is designed to increase your muscle endurance while standing, walking or running.

At Piriformis strengthening, we have posted videos that you can follow and do all of these exercises correctly. It is very important that each exercise is done correctly, because only in this way you will engage this small hidden muscle, which ensures that you can stand, run or walk normally. To make it as clear as possible for you, below each video, there are pictures as well as a description of what you need to do.

Each of these exercises is adapted to be done at home. That’s why you can do these exercises whenever you have free time. You don’t have to go to the gym or look for a personal trainer. In this case we will be your personal trainer.

If you have severe pain in your hip and along the back of your thigh, to get rid of them, one click on Piriformis strengthening is enough. With these exercises that we have prepared, you will surely achieve great success in strengthening the pyrophomis.